Kruse Farms

Brad and Monica Kruse

Kruse Farms-Brad & Monica Kruse I grew up on my family’s farm working with my Dad. In my mind, the memories of milking cows, making hay, and harvesting corn simply can’t be beat. From the very beginning I knew that the farm is where I belong. In 2015 I took over the farm, and have since been placing stones in its foundation so that some day I may pass it to my kids.

Today, my wife and I own and operate Kruse Farms from our home in Hillpoint. We grow and market all natural pork, pasture raised beef, lamb, and honey. Our mission is pretty simple, to provide your family the best products we can.

Our pigs spend every day of their life, from birth to butcher, here on our farm without any antibiotics or hormones. Our beef and lamb are raised on beautiful pastures, in synch with nature. And our bees work the fields and pastures vigorously in production of honey. I truly believe that if it is better for our animals, it’s better for your family. Please follow us on Facebook at “Kruse Farms”, and make sure to visit our new farm store during the 2020 Hill & Valley Tour! 

S7175 Sandusky Rd
Hillpoint, WI 53937

(608) 963-7737