Branding Iron Roadhouse

Lisa Buttonow and Steve Fearing

Welcome to the Branding Iron Roadhouse, Main Street, Lime Ridge, WI, established 2011. The Branding Iron is a true farm‐​to‐​fork restaurant serving delicious food, cooked to order, and made from locally grown beef and other locally produced products. Your traditional Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry comes hot from the fryer to your plate, and, if you want a medium‐​rare burger, just ask!

We use our very own Fearing Angus Beef in our burgers. Fearing Angus Beef is pasture‐​raised, hormone‐​free, and antibiotic free. Our cheese comes from world‐​class neighbors, Carr Valley Cheese. The sandwich buns are from Esther’s Bakery, a WI State inspected Amish bakery just down the road, and Reedsburg’s Viking Village Bakery bakes the rolls for our Friday Night Fish Fry. We buy our seasonal produce from local farmers including Weston School District’s Garden CSA Program and Orange Cat Organic Farm CSA Program.

At the Branding Iron Roadhouse you will find six micro‐​brews on tap with many Wisconsin brewed beers by the bottle. Check out our beer list; we are certain you will find something you like. Our Purple Feet wine advisor has never let us down; we offer an excellent selection of premium wine.

Mark your calendar for our special monthly menus. On the first and third Wednesdays of the month, we serve Wood‐​fired Oven Pizza. On the second Thursday, we have an Original‐​Works Open Mic hosted by the One and Only Driftless Jimmy. On Friday night, we hold a traditional Wisconsin Fish Fry with beer‐​batter featuring Wisconsin micro‐​brewed beer. On the last Saturday of the month is our BBQ Smoke Night, where Steve breaks out the smoker for an unforgettable dining experience. And, once a month or so, we offer a Visiting Culinarian Dinner — we invite extraordinary Foodies to the Branding Iron to create delicious meals. Email us or Call us for Reservations!

Thank you for stopping in! Steve and I love living in the country. We do our best to live sustainably and we work with our neighbors so they can do the same. Please know that we welcome your suggestions and requests!

For more information about the Branding Iron Roadhouse, please visit our website, www​.brandingironrh​.com.  Please feel free to sign up for our email list — Just enter your email address on the brandingironrh​.com webpage or on the Facebook form link. You can also like us on facebook for news, events and specials!

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