Narrows Creek Winery

Dean and Vicky Baumgarten

Welcome to Narrows Creek Winery
The winemakers and owners of this fledgling winery are Dean & Vicky Baumgarten. We are just approaching our one year anniversary, September 15th. We invite you to come and give us a LOOK and a TASTE. We are located on Narrows Creek Road, about 1 mile off of Hwy 23, north of Loganville, WI.

The winery is built on the farm that Dean and his dad grew up on. The farm has seen plenty of animals of all varieties from dairy cows to chickens to hogs to beef. And now that the animals have left the farm, it seemed a shame not to bring a winery to the country. We are a fruit winery, so you aren’t going to see a vineyard anywhere close. We have rhubarb, raspberry, elderberry, blackberry to name a few. We get most fruits from other Wisconsin growers. And we do import a California juice from time to time. There are our stock favorites and seasonal wines throughout the year. And we are always working towards new wines.

Our hobby began over 30 years ago in the cellar of our home. Over the past year a lot of changes occurred. We traded one cellar for a much nicer one. We went from 5 gallon carboys to 130 gallon tanks and siphon tubes to pumps. Our operation still is dependent on friends to help bottle the wine.

Our plans for the winery are two-fold. We hope to expand in a few years, but for now we are production and tasting all in one space. We decided to build our winery right here as we couldn’t think of a better place to share the wine, the view and spend some time with each of you.

Dean & Vicky


E5286 Narrows Creek Rd,
Loganville, WI 53943


(608) 393-0066