Branding Iron Roadhouse Farm-to-Fork Eatery


The Branding Iron is a true farm-to-fork restaurant serving delicious food, cooked to order, and made from locally grown Fearing Angus beef and other locally produced products. Your traditional Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry comes hot from the fryer to your plate, and, if you want a medium-rare burger, just ask!

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Carr Valley Cheese


Nestled amongst the rolling hills and lush pastures of central Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese remains a staple of Wisconsin cheesemaking tradition. Stop by our retail store and try any one of our over 100 varieties of cheese; you will be greeted with a warm smile and a staff eager to answer all your cheese related questions!

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Country Roots Creations


Reid and Heather Broughton are 5th generation farmers living between Loganville and Hillpoint Wisconsin. They have three small children that help farm alongside them each day. As parents, they take great pride and joy sharing and teaching the next generation about hard work, as well as ethical and sustainable farming practices.

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Ernest Hupeden’s Painted Forest


Between 1899 and 1902, Ernest Hupeden, a German folk painter, covered the complete interior of Valton’s Modern Woodmen of America meeting hall with vivid, imaginative scenes presenting the vision and aspirations of this fraternal society. Edgewood College maintains this restored folk art treasure, fostering its educational role through programs open to the general public.

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McWilliams Heritage Farm


Erin and Scott VanGrinsven are the sixth generation raising their family on the McWilliams Heritage Homestead. Alongside their eight children they are living the simple life on 60 rolling acres in the picturesque Sauk county.

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Birth of the Mead King You might be wondering how this all got started. Well, as with most things, good friends and alcohol were involved! I took a mead brewing class from my friend Bo, back in 2009. He convinced me that I should buy some supplies to “practice with” (about $150 worth). By the time my first batch was complete, I was entranced with this magical elixir. You could say it was love at first sip!


Narrows Creek Winery & Gourmet Grilled Cheese Stand


Welcome to Narrows Creek Winery Opened in September of 2017, Dean & Vicky Baumgarten are living a dream. Making wine has been a hobby of theirs for over 35 years. We invite you to come and give us a LOOK and a TASTE. Our loyal buddy, Wickett, loves to greet everyone who comes to the winery. We are located on Narrows Creek Road, about 1 mile off Hwy 23, north of Loganville, WI.

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