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Bula’s Pleasant Valley Farm


We are Ron and Maureen Bula from Bula's Pleasant Valley Farm. We have been committed to sustainably raising healthier food since we purchased a farm, set in the Baraboo bluffs, back in 1993. As our family began to grow we wanted to supply it with the best and healthiest food we could and in a way that helped to improve the environment. Little did we know how a farm consisting of a garden and a few cattle would grow and diversify over time.

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Country Junk


Dan and Shari Stolte live on a 4th generation farm on the corner of Narrows Creek and Narrows Valley Road. We are happy and excited to be part of the Hill and Valley Tour. We enjoy gardening, crafting and collecting. People have said our salsa and spaghetti sauce needed to be shared, so we are opening our summer kitchen and greenhouse for everyone to come and visit. Come visit and enjoy what we have to offer.

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Rohwer Gourmet Garlic


Locally grown garlic, no herbicides or insecticides, Hand planted, hand weeded, and hand harvested We are a small garlic and shallot grower. We have over 50 varieties of garlic(2500 plants) and 8 varieties of shallots(200 plants).

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Glory & Grace Flower Farm


Glory & Grace Flower Farm is poised to provide a captivating floral experience, featuring freshly cut flowers available through our farm stand, U-pick events, and expertly crafted pre-made bouquets. 

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Jasper Apple Farm


Currently, we offer 24 varieties of apples and peaches, pears, and plums. We begin harvesting mid-August and harvest until mid-October.

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Birth of the Mead King You might be wondering how this all got started. Well, as with most things, good friends and alcohol were involved! I took a mead brewing class from my friend Bo, back in 2009. He convinced me that I should buy some supplies to “practice with” (about $150 worth). By the time my first batch was complete, I was entranced with this magical elixir. You could say it was love at first sip!


Plain Pastures


Plain Pastures is a family-owned farm established in 2017 by the Terry Wehler family. With their children Kelsey and Kolton's assistance, they actively raise llamas, alpacas, and grass-finished beef on 92 acres of rotationally grazed pastures. Terry grew up farming on this very same land.

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Wilkinson farms


Wilkinson farms was established in 2006 operated by Greg and Jackie Wilkinson along with our four children Tyler, Taylor, Alyson and Erik. Our family farm is located on the beautiful ridge near Loganville Wisconsin known for it's breathtaking views enjoyed by many people traveling by bikes, motorcycles and UTVing clubs.

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