P.M. Duren Art Studio

Patricia (Trisha) Duren

I am a painter who enjoys working in both oils and pastels, on location–en plein air, and in studio using my photos as reference.  I am inspired by the beauty of nature, light and patterns.  I paint a variety of subjects – landscapes to portraits. To me a successful painting captures the spirit of the moment.

Demonstration:I will be demonstrating my painting process with either oil or pastels late mornings.  
Studio Access: The entrance to my studio is located in the back of the house facing the lake.  A marked path will lead you to the entrance – careful as the terrain can be uneven on the grass path.  Parking can be found along county highway V or in the village of Cazenovia for a short walk to the studio.

Credit Cards are not accepted at this time by this artist.

P. M. Duren Art studio



105 County Rd V,

Cazenovia, WI 53924


(608) 279-5716