Narrows Creek Winery, Loganville, WI

Dean and Vicky Baumgarten

The winemakers and owners of this fledgling winery are Dean and Vicky Baumgarten. Opening late summer, we hope you will come and give us a LOOK and a TASTE.  We are located on Narrows Creek Road, about 1 mile off of Hwy 23, north of Loganville, WI.

The winery is built on the farm that Dean and his dad grew up on. The farm has seen plenty of animals of all varieties — from dairy cows to chickens to hogs to beef. And now that the animals have left the farm we are taking over and opening a winery. We are starting our vineyard very slowly, but not to worry because our specialty is fruit wines found throughout the state and grown here on the farm.  We are especially fond of our Rhubarb varieties and our Tea Wine. We do love grape wines so they will become part of the winery in their own time. 

Our hobby began over 30 years ago in the cellar of our home. It was pretty primitive back then and for a while we ceased to make wine. We were introduced to a more accurate and scientific method that helped us to produce a product that was consistent year after year. Our passion of making wine was renewed. Through the years more equipment was purchased to aid in production and to improve the quality of our wine. Now as we get ready to retire we decided to open this business. We are so excited to share with you what we have learned and created for wines.

Our plans for the winery are two-​fold. We hope to expand in a few years, but for now we are production and tasting all in one space. We decided to build our winery right here as we couldn’t think of a better place to share the wine, the view and spend some time with each of you.

Narrows Creek Winery

E5286 Narrows Creek Rd,
Loganville, WI 53943 (Google Map)

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