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Hill and Valley Exploration Tour: A Celebration of Rural Living

October 7–8 and 14–15, 2017

Two autumn weekends to explore farm traditions. Area farms open their doors to welcome you, and experience farm living first hand!

About Hill and Valley Exploration Tour

Grab your mud boots and the cooler. Throw the rain gear and an extra sweater in the trunk. Prepare for some good ole, country‐​style fun – rain or shine. With over sixty events and activities at 14 different venues on the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour, there is something for everyone.

Learn how to shear sheep, harvest honey, groom a show calf, warp a loom, can chutney, buck rivet an airstream, and make wine to name just a few activities on the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour. Along the way, you can fill your cooler with fresh veggies, jellies and preserves, and quality meat purchased directly from the producer at their farm or at our farmers’ market, and shop for vintage goodies.

Find your lunch at the farm‐​to‐​fork restaurant on the tour or support one of the local farmers, church groups, or youth groups offering picnic‐​style food options. For adults, we have evening beer and cheese pairings, wine and cheese pairings, and drawing classes. And to finish off the tour, for the whole family, a barn dance with live music and wood‐​fired oven pizza! The Hill and Valley Exploration Tour is a celebration of rural living!

Come and Join the Fun! Please download and print map and event information below!

Map & Schedule on Ledger Sized Paper


Map & Schedule on Letter Sized Paper

Exploration Tour Dates:

Weekend of October 7–8 and October 14–15

Tour of Farms

Meet Your Local Professionals

Lisa Buttonow

Branding Iron Roadhouse Restaurant, Lime Ridge

Welcome to the Branding Iron Roadhouse, Main Street, Lime Ridge, WI, established 2011.  The Branding Iron is a true farm‐​to‐​fork restaurant serving delicious food, cooked to order, and made from locally grown beef and other locally‐​produced products.

Doreen and Michael Whiteside

Buck Wild Ranch, Family Farmstead, La Valle

New­ly found­ed in 2014 by Michael and Doreen White­side ; two city folks with a dream to live a sim­pler life and a pas­sion for clean food and agri­cul­tur­al prac­tices. We grow buck­wheat, a pseu­do grain (actu­al­ly a seed) that is high in essen­tial min­er­als and antiox­i­dants and is gluten free. Buck­wheat has many health ben­e­fits and makes won­der­ful kasha, noo­dles, tea and PANCAKES ! And while we love the deli­cious, healthy prod­ucts we get from our buck­wheat, its main pur­pose is to feed our bees.

Sid Cook, Owner; Patty Koenig, Business Manager

Carr Valley Cheese Company, La Valle

Nestled amongst the rolling hills and lush pastures of central Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese remains a staple of Wisconsin cheesemaking tradition.  Stop by our retail store and try any one of our over 100 varieties of cheese; you will be greeted with a warm smile and a staff eager to answer all your cheese related questions!

Edgewood College, David Wells, Director

Ernest Hupeden’s Painted Forest, Valton, WI

Between 1899 and 1902, Ernest Hupeden, a German folk painter, covered the complete interior of Valton’s Modern Woodmen of America meeting hall with vivid, imaginative scenes presenting the vision and aspirations of this fraternal society.  Edgewood College maintains this restored folk art treasure, fostering its educational role through programs open to the general public.  E846 Painted Forest Drive, Valton WI 53968

Steve Fearing

Fearing Angus Natural Freezer Beef, La Valle

Fearing Angus Natural Freezer Beef is a family farm located in the unglaciated hills of NW Sauk County.  We raise Angus Beef and Club Calves.  All our animals are humanely‐​treated, naturally‐​grown, pasture‐​raised, and whole‐​grain supplemented.  That’s a lot of adjectives to describe our beef, but each one means something very specific for us, and, for you, the beef consumer.

Sandy and Melvin Smith

Narrows Creek Gardens, La Valle

Narrows Creek Garden is a 3rd generation family farm operated by Sandy and Melvin Smith. We are focusing on growing Aronia berries, an emerging ‘super fruit’ that may aid in fighting cancer, lowering cholesterol, and helping control diabetes.  Aronia berries, also known as a chokeberry, are used for juice, jelly, wine, and additions for both color and flavor to yogurt, sauces and an endless variety of other food products.

Dean and Vicky Baumgarten

Narrows Creek Winery, Loganville

The winemakers and owners of this fledgling winery are Dean and Vicky Baumgarten. Opening late summer, we hope you will come and give us a LOOK and a TASTE.  We are located on Narrows Creek Road, about 1 mile off of Hwy 23, north of Loganville, WI.

Andy Ennis

Plum Valley Vintage, Wonewoc

Plum Valley Vintage is more than a barn full of quality antiques and collectibles. It’s a scenic drive through the hills and valleys of the Driftless Area in SW Wisconsin. It’s a chance to connect with the past as you step into 100‐​​year‐​​old barn full of treasures and items that your parents and grandparents used every day. 

Bill and Debbie Kinsman

The Ridge Barn, La Valle

(aka the Kinsman Farm Wedding Barn)

In 2009, Bill and Debbie Kinsman sold their dairy cows, and started on a new farming adventure of crop farming — raising corn and soybeans.  As they no longer needed alfalfa hay bales or straw stored in the massive haymow, Bill cleaned out the haymow and installed a new floor.  At that time, the plan was to use it for storage.  But on New Year’s Eve 2013, Bill and Deb’s daughter, Ashley, got engaged! 

Bob and Brenda Tobey

Tobey’s Sand Hill Fiber Farm, Reedsburg

Nestled in a picturesque valley near Loganville is Tobey’s Sandhill Fiber Farm. The owners Brenda and Bob Tobey have lived there with their three children for 30 years. You will be greeted by the family dog, Leo, who loves visitors and the pastures are dotted with the animals that supply the raw wool for the industry; llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep and rabbits.

Don and Dorothy Harms

Valley Springs Farm and Bed and Breakfast, Reedsburg

Don and Dorothy Harms operate a working dairy and beef farm which offers the sights and sounds of the country – from Sandhill cranes returning in the spring to newborn Red Angus calves frolicking in the pasture with their mommas.

Julie, Steve, and Clayton Prouty

Vintage Camper Restoration, Cazenovia

Vintage Camper Restoration is a small camper restoration business housed in the old Cazenovia fireman’s hall. I have great memories from my childhood of camping and traveling with my grandparents. Because of those memories, about 5 years ago, I decided to restore a vintage camper as a hobby. I was lucky enough to find a 1959 Avion camper and from then on I have been hooked.

Fair Food Dining Trail

Where to Eat on the

Hill and Valley Exploration Tour

Burgers, Fries and Brisket Sandwiches

Burgers, Fries and Brisket Sandwiches  - at Branding Iron Roadhouse – A unique country restaurant featuring Fearing Angus Beef and other locally produced foods. Sit‐​down, Family‐​Style Restaurant.

Squeakers and Squigglies

Squeakers and Squigglies – at Carr Valley Cheese – Fresh Cheese Curds, Deep‐​fried Cheese Curds and Deep‐​fried Bread Cheese. Snacks.


Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Gourmet Grilled Cheese – at Narrows Creek Winery – Supports the St Peter’s Lutheran Church Youth Group.  Picnic Style.

Steak Sandwiches

Steak Sandwiches – at Fearing Angus – Try your hand at the Take and Make Beef Council Spice Table and then try your seasoning on a Fearing Angus Steak Sandwich, $8. Beverages also available. Picnic Style.

Wood‐​fired Oven Pizza

Wood‐​fired Oven Pizza – at The Ridge Barn during the Barn Dance.  Additional Cover Charge Required.  Picnic Style.

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