Fearing Angus Natural Freezer Beef

Steve Fearing

Fearing Angus Natural Freezer Beef is a family farm located in the unglaciated hills of NW Sauk County. We raise Angus Beef and Club Calves. All our animals are humanely treated, naturally grown, pasture-raised, and whole-grain supplemented. That’s a lot of adjectives to describe our beef, but each one means something very specific for us, and, for you, the beef consumer.

Humanely treated:

We like our animals. They are in our care. These animals make the ultimate sacrifice for our future. They deserve total respect and that includes humane treatment. We treat them justly, feed them well, and house them right. Fair, just, right, well, correct, ethical are all components of the phrase humanely treated.

Naturally grown and Pasture-raised:

We do not use growth hormones, steroids, or prophylactic antibiotics; nor do we force feed grain or other concentrated feeds. We like our animals and want what is best for them, and what is best for us. We feed hay in the winter and pasture in the summer. Our animals are not forced into the close contact found on feed lots, which lead to disease issues for both humans and beef animals, (experts say that instances of E. coli in our commercially raised vegetables has been caused by beef feedlots runoff), manure management issues and unhealthy stress. We grow our animals naturally and at their genetic pace. We strive to breed animals that are suited to Wisconsin — our weather and our taste preferences.

Whole-Grain Supplemented:

The animals we raise for butchering receive a whole-grain feed supplement in addition to free-choice pasture and/or hay. Grain marbles the meat.  Marbling adds flavor. Our beef is flavorful and tender. Fearing Angus Beef has a more familiar taste and texture than grass-fed beef, but it is nothing like commercially raised beef. It is grown with care and respect, i.e., care and respect for the animals, the environment, and for the consumer.

Thank you again for your interest.  Please come and see for yourself what humane and respectful meat production looks like during the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour. Please feel free to email or call with questions, comments, to reserve a beef, or inquire about a club calf purchase.Fearing Angus Natural Beef


E3418 E Harris Road,
La Valle, WI 53941


(608) 963-1323