Brochures Are Available NOW

Brochures Are Available NOW

Our gorgeous brochures are READY for PICKUP!  Pick up your brochure at The Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Uw Extension Office, 3rd floor, Baraboo, and Any Tour Venue!

Brochures were Designed by the Amazing Trish Duren (PM Duren Art Studio, Cazenovia).

Tour Venues:

Branding Iron Roadhouse Farm-to-Fork Eatery, Lime Ridge
Carr Valley Cheese Co, La Valle
Dandelion Ridge Farm by Lime Ridge
Fearing Angus by Lime Ridge
Narrows Creek Garden, Lime Ridge
Narrows Creek Winery, Loganville
PM Duren Art Studio, Cazenovia
Valley Springs Farm and B&B
Weston School District, Cazenovia
Woodland Valley Farms Greenhouse, by Valton
Ernest Hupeden’s Painted Forest, Valton

Picturing Sauk County Trail

Picturing Sauk County Trail

The Picturing Sauk County Trail is an Art Project by the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour.  Take the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour and find the Picturing Sauk County Trail of framed vistas along the way.

These decorated frames are set up at various locations on the tour, providing opportunities for photo memories while enjoying beautiful Sauk County and the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour!

The frames are beginning to pop up on the tour!

This project, inspired by David Wells’ 2011 work entitled Farm Framed, is supported in part by a grant from the Sauk County UW Extension, Arts and Culture Committee and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin.  David Wells and Lisa Buttonow are co-writers of the grant.

Please feel free to share your photos to the official Instagram account @picturingsaukcounty @explorehillandvalley #picturingsaukcounty

2019 Poster for the 3rd Annual Hill and Valley Exploration Tour

2019 Poster for the 3rd Annual Hill and Valley Exploration Tour

Trish Duren, whose studio is on the tour, has done it again.  Trish has created an amazing poster for the 3rd Annual Hill and Valley Exploration Tour using her own ORIGINAL artwork “Field of Flowers“. We are very pleased to announce that the original painting will be offered on an online auction in September and October and available for pick up at the Hill and Valley Celebration Party on October 13th! Plan to stop at Trish’s studio in October!

Need a gift for yourself or someone special before October’s Hill and Valley Exploration Tour, just give Trish a call!

Do you have a place to display a poster? Please Help Us Advertise the Tour!
Posters can be picked up at the Branding Iron Farm-to-Fork Eatery, Main St, Lime Ridge!

Photography Class this Saturday at Valley Springs Dairy and B&B

Photography Class this Saturday at Valley Springs Dairy and B&B

This Saturday, Oct 13th, 8:30am, at Valley Springs Dairy and Bed and Breakfast, Cindy Cseri is teaching a photography course. Cost: $35 per person or $20 per 4-H youth

You Own a DSLR, but your pictures are too light or too dark or fuzzy – Welcome to Cindy Cseri’s Intro to DSLR Photography!

If your pictures are too light or too dark, out of focus, and fuzzy, this is the class for you.  Are you shooting your DSLR shoot in Auto or P mode and want to do more with your camera, this is the class for you.  We will explore the concepts of ISO, f-stop (aperture) and shutter speed, which will provide you with the basics to create better images and to use more than just the Auto or P settings on your camera.  Capture the baseball in the air, capture the family dog running, capture the senior’s eyes clearly.

I will share basic ‘recipes’ to successfully take:  1.  senior portraits, 2. sporting events, 3. family portraits, 4. pet portraits, and 5.  macro photos (flowers).  Handouts will be provided along with a reference list of outstanding books to learn more.

Course outline:

8:30 am – 9:00 am welcome and introduction
9:00 am – 10:30 am  – ISO, fstop, shutter speed
10:30 am – 10:45 am – break
10:45 am – 12:00 pm – Recipe review
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Questions and Answers

About Cindy Cseri – Cindy’s passion lies with capturing landscape images, which has taken her all over the United States.  Her favorite spot is Fairbanks Alaska to photograph the Northern Lights.  She has also dabbled in commercial photography for local businesses.