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Tally-ho! Porta Potties! Oh the relief! Everyone loves a Porta Pottie. To help fund Porta Potties for the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour, we are holding a Butter Braid Sale. For those of you unfamiliar with the Butter- Braid, it is an amazing yeast pastry hand-made by Country Maid, West Bend, IA. Country Maid started as a cottage industry in a rural farm community and developed into the fund-raiser partner of choice for many schools and groups! Check them out! www.butterbraid.com/our_story.  Butter Braids are $12. We are taking Orders thru May 31st with Delivery on June 12th!  Just in time for those graduation parties!  Just stop in to the Branding Iron, Lime Ridge, and place your order!  We appreciate the support!!