Back in 2018 we worked with J & M Fundraising and did a Butter Braid Fundraiser. The money from the Butter Braid sales was used to pay for Porta Potties along the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour! It was a huge success! So, we are trying it again. Order your Butter Braids between August 19th and September 13th – online with a credit card or in person with cash or check from any Hill and Valley Exploration Tour Venue – and pick up on the last weekend of the Tour September 26 and 27 at the Branding Iron Roadhouse Farm-to-Fork Eatery, Main Street, Lime Ridge! Proceeds will be used to fund Porta-Potties along the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour route!

What is a Butter Braid you ask? It is a flaky, yeast pastry that is fool-proof to bake. The photo is a picture of a Butter Braid that we baked. So simple – Thaw, Rise, Bake, Eat! Butter Braids were a Midwest secret! In 1992, Marlene and Ken Banwart started a bakery in their rural farming community in West Bend, IA. Marlene and Ken kept their new business a secret – they were worried how their farming community would view their non-farming business. Twenty-six years later, hidden gem cottage industries such as Butter Braids can be found in rural communities throughout the Midwest! Come and join the fun and find OUR Hidden Gems on the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour!