Buck Wild Ranch, Family Farmstead

Doreen and Michael Whiteside

Newly founded in 2014 by Michael and Doreen Whiteside; two city folks with a dream to live a simpler life and a passion for clean food and agricultural practices. We grow buckwheat, a pseudo grain (actually a seed) that is high in essential minerals and antioxidants and is gluten‐​free. Buckwheat has many health benefits and makes wonderful Kasha, noodles, tea and PANCAKES! And while we love the delicious, healthy products we get from our buckwheat, its main purpose is to feed our bees. Buckwheat flowers quickly and flowers long giving our Italian bees a rich and healthy food source for many months. Happy, well fed bees make lots of sweet honey! That honey is our pride and joy at Buck Wild Ranch. The fields of buckwheat along with our large food plot garden and the wild apple trees that dot our land give our honey a unique rich and tangy flavor that folks in town have come to love!

And in true “Farmstead” style we strive to produce as much of our own sustenance as possible and love to share with others. We grow our own produce including tomatoes, herbs, beans and luffa sponges! We make our own soap and compost. We raise Saanen milk goats (from which we make our own goat cheese) and Icelandic chickens which give us an ample supply of eggs. Not bad for a couple of former city slickers! If we can do it, anyone can. Living the dream in beautiful La Valle, WI!!

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