Our gorgeous brochures are READY for PICKUP!  Pick up your brochure at The Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Uw Extension Office, 3rd floor, Baraboo, and Any Tour Venue!

Brochures were Designed by the Amazing Trish Duren (PM Duren Art Studio, Cazenovia).

Tour Venues:

Branding Iron Roadhouse Farm-to-Fork Eatery, Lime Ridge
Carr Valley Cheese Co, La Valle
Dandelion Ridge Farm by Lime Ridge
Fearing Angus by Lime Ridge
Narrows Creek Garden, Lime Ridge
Narrows Creek Winery, Loganville
PM Duren Art Studio, Cazenovia
Valley Springs Farm and B&B
Weston School District, Cazenovia
Woodland Valley Farms Greenhouse, by Valton
Ernest Hupeden’s Painted Forest, Valton