HVET Community Kick Off Event – Sept 29th at 10:30

HVET Community Kick Off Event – Sept 29th at 10:30

You are Invited to the Hill and Valley Community Kick Off Event!

What, Where, & When!

  • Screening of the Farmers for America Documentary followed by a Facilitated Discussion about Local Agriculture with Randy Zogbaum, Madison College Ag Instructor, and a Farm-to-Table Luncheon Provided by the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour Group
  • Saturday, September 29, 2018, 10:30 AM
  • Reedsburg Library, 370 Vine Street, Reedsburg
  • While there is no cost to this event, RESERVATIONS are strongly suggested. Contact Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce to make your reservation!

Sometimes You Just Need a Fudgesicle!

Sometimes You Just Need a Fudgesicle.  And, Sometimes, you need someone to bring you a box of Fudgesicles!  Schwan’s are just the folks to help you AND us out – with their great frozen treats brought right to your door and their Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser Program.  If you are a Schwan’s customer – please consider ordering through our Fundraiser page and using our Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser id# 38711 on your purchase!  Your contribution through the Schwan’s care program goes towards the Porta Potty Fund!  You will be so glad to see one on the route! You know you will. Tally-Ho Porta Potties!

Porta Potty Fund
ID: 38711
Link: https://www.schwans-cares.com/c/38711
Starts: May 17th, 2018
Ends: July 1st, 2018

Butter Braid Sale at the Branding Iron, Lime Ridge

Home Baked Butter Braid

Frozen Butter Braids

Tally-ho! Porta Potties! Oh the relief! Everyone loves a Porta Pottie. To help fund Porta Potties for the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour, we are holding a Butter Braid Sale. For those of you unfamiliar with the Butter- Braid, it is an amazing yeast pastry hand-made by Country Maid, West Bend, IA. Country Maid started as a cottage industry in a rural farm community and developed into the fund-raiser partner of choice for many schools and groups! Check them out! www.butterbraid.com/our_story.  Butter Braids are $12. We are taking Orders thru May 31st with Delivery on June 12th!  Just in time for those graduation parties!  Just stop in to the Branding Iron, Lime Ridge, and place your order!  We appreciate the support!!

We will be back in 2018! Oct 6,7,13,&14, 2018

The Hill and Valley Exploration Tour:  A celebration of rural living will be back in 2018!  The first two full weekends in October in 2018.  Save the dates!  We will see you then if not before!  Please feel free to continue to patronize the farms and businesses on the 2017 tour!

Changes to the Hill & Valley Event Schedule

A couple of last minute adjustments for the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour 2nd Weekend Schedule.  We’ve added four more Antique Tractor Hay & Rides at Valley Springs Farm 1pm and 3pm, Saturday and Sunday; and we’ve added a food stand supporting the St Peter’s Lutheran Church Youth Group at the Narrows Creek Winery on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.  Unfortunately, we have cancelled the Photo show by Dan Fearing on Sunday and we’ve also cancelled the Fire & Wine Small Plate Pairing at the Branding Iron on Sunday.  Lots to do and see!  Don’t let the weather deter you!  That’s life on the farm!!

Farm-to-Fork Food and Wine Pairings

Farm-to-Fork Food and Wine Pairings


Something for everyone on the Hill and Valley Exploration Tour!

For the Foodies:
We have Farm Fresh Meat and Produce, Wine Pairings, Wine Tasting, Beer Pairings, Farm-to-Fork Dining, a Chutney Canning Workshop, and Wood-fired Oven Pizza.  Search our events list for FOODIES!